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What is an MSC Biotechnology course?

MSc Biotechnology is a 2-year post-graduate program in which candidates study biology and technology. The Best Paramedical College in Delhi NCR offers a high-quality education environment and the latest laboratory facilities to make their students capable as per the industry demand. Special emphasis is given to dissertations, Internships and industrial/Laboratory and several other departmental activities like guest lectures, seminars, and conferences are regularly held to bridge the gap between students and successful professionals in biotechnology. Biotechnology is a wide branch of science, which is not limited or restrained to a single discipline but contains many interdisciplinary branches of science, rapidly gaining significance and opportunities for candidates who like to study the new boundaries of science, Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Biotechnology is a postgraduate course, which deals with and other fields. M.Sc. Biotechnology is a 2-year postgraduation program, affiliated with Bir Tikendrajit University, Manipur. The program concentrates on deep research-embedded teaching and learning processes. If you are looking to do an M.Sc. Biotechnology in Delhi NCR, then look no further than Best  Paramedical College.



  • Fundamental of Genetics
  • Fundamentals of Biochemistry
  • Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics
  • Plants Genetics Resources
  • Statistical Methods and Bioinformatics in Biology
  • Biotechnology in Crop Improvement
  • Tools and Techniques in Biotechnology
  • RDT and Genetics Engineering


  • Microbial, Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology
  • Concepts of Nanotechnology
  • Animal Biotechnology & Immunology
  • Genomics and Proteomics
  • Project

What is Eligibility for MSC Biotechnology

The eligibility criteria for the MSc Biotechnology is referred to as the student should have completed his/her undergraduate in any science program like Biotechnology, microbiology, botany etc. from any government-approved and recognized university/Institute.

Why Choose the Best Paramedical College in Delhi NCR?

When it comes to pursuing an MSC Biotechnology program, Best Paramedical College in Delhi NCR stands out as one of the best colleges in the field. With a reputation for academic excellence, training facilities, and experienced faculty, they provide Candidates with the perfect environment to accelerate advancement in their studies and prepare for rewarding careers in biotechnology.

What are the Training Features in the Best Paramedical College?

Training and research is one of the essential parts of an MSc in Biotechnology where students are exposed to various projects and hand-to-hand training so they can enhance their skills and knowledge more deeply and develop in-depth understandings through the practicals.

At Best Paramedical College in Delhi NCR, we expose students to adequate knowledge and develop understanding with the help of various projects. The students get the opportunity to have hands-on experience with highly advanced medical lab instruments where students utilise their knowledge and skills. So that they may become trained professional and get good job opportunities in Delhi NCR

Documents required for Admission:

  • Photocopy of X, XII & B.Sc. -mark sheets (With Originals)
  • Photocopy of Passing Certificates (With Original)
  • Photocopy of Migration Certificate(With Original)
  • 4 recent Passport size photographs
  • Gap year certificate (in case of gap after B.Sc.).
  • Caste certificate (if applicable)
  • Domicile certificate (if belongs to other than Delhi NCR)
  • Character certificate
  • Aadhar card.

Career Options in Delhi NCR

There are so many job opportunities in Delhi NCR for students who have completed their MSc in Biotechnology. As it is a wide and advanced branch of science so there are multiple sectors where students may get job opportunities in Delhi NCR.

Some of the job opportunities in Delhi NCR in various fields are mentioned below:

Career Opportunities In Various Sectors

1. Research and development

  • Research & Development
  • Lab Technician
  • Research Assistant
  • Research Associate
  • Senior Research Associate
  • Scientist
  • Senior Scientist

 2.Quality Assurance(QA)

  • Quality Assurance Associate
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Quality Assurance Inspector
  • Validation Associate
  • Validation Specialist

3. Clinical R & D

  • Biostatistician
  • Medical Expert
  • Data Associate
  • Project Manager
  • Safety Reporter

 4. Academics

  • Lectureship
  • Project Assistant
  • Lab Technician
  • Lab Assistant

 5. Forensic

  • Forensic Biologist
  • Genomics Technician
  • Molecular Biology Technician
  • Scientific Writing
  • Knowledge Processor
  • Scientific Writer
  • Journal Editor
  • Associate Editor

Other job scopes after an MSc in Biotechnology 

  • Drug and pharmaceutical research

  •  Public funded laboratories
  •  Environment control
  •  Waste management
  •  Energy management
  •  Food processing
  •  Bio-processing industries

How to get Admission to MSc Biotechnology?

Enrol in any best college for the MSC Biotechnology Program Today

Some of the best Paramedical College in Delhi NCR is one of the best paramedical colleges that provides you best assistance. This course may embark on your career and make you successful and The best Paramedical College will help you to reach your full potential and achieve your future goal. if you are willing to join MSc in Biotechnology then you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Apply Fill up the enquiry form.
  2. Put in Your Name
  3. Select an MSc Biotechnology from the course drop-down menu
  4. Choose Your Location
  5. Provide a valid Contact Number and Email ID
  6. The Admission Counsellor will contact you.

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