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How to Successfully Source Tempered Glass Screen Protector from China

Recently, tempered glass protectors have gained popularity because they not only maintain the touchscreen’s clarity and sensitivity but also absorb the impact of accidental fall.

It is in high demand, so if you are thinking about adding it to your inventory list, then consider importing it from China. It can be a profitable venture. However, you will need careful planning and execution as a first-time importer.

Thorough research

Conduct a thorough market research. Understand the demand for screen protectors in your target market. Identify your potential competitors and analyse them. This information will help you determine the specifications and quality standards required for your product.

Find a reliable Chinese supplier

After you understand the glass screen protector market, you can embark on a journey of identifying reliable Chinese suppliers. It can be challenging because of the sheer number of manufacturers available and there is also the concern about language barrier.

Here, a purchasing agent in China can be an invaluable asset. Maple Sourcing Ltd has an extensive network of vetted suppliers, making it easy to find a suitable one that aligns with your quality standards and pricing requirements. They are your business representative on Chinese grounds.

Request sample

After finding a potential supplier, request samples to evaluate their product quality and finish. The sourcing agency you are engaged in will help you in this process by coordinating sample requests and ensuring that they fulfil your specifications. Sample assessment is crucial because it allows you to verify the quality of the tempered glass screen protectors before committing to a bulk order.

Term negotiation

After you are satisfied with the samples, negotiate terms with the supplier. During negotiations, you will discuss pricing, payment terms, deadlines, dispute resolution, and logistics. The sourcing agents are experienced in negotiations and help to bridge the communication gaps between you and the supplier.

Production process

With agreed-upon terms and order placement, the production process will commence. In this phase, maintain regular communication with your supplier. It ensures that the production stays on schedule and meets your quality standards.

Partnering with local sourcing services will help to monitor production progress, schedule inspections, identify issues and take action before they become worse and compromise the entire order.

Shipping logistics

Importing goods from China is a complicated process. First, you will need to determine whether to use air or sea freight based on order size, delivery time, and cost. Proper documentation is necessary for customs clearance.

A sourcing agent will coordinate the shipping arrangements, ensuring that documentation is correctly prepared to avoid delays at customs.


Importing tempered glass screen protectors from China for the first time involves proper implementation of the above steps. A sourcing agency can help you from the start to successful, high-quality product delivery while you can focus on your business growth.

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