Wednesday, May 29, 2024

How to Delight Your Customers

It doesn’t matter whether you have been running the business for a while or whether you have just entered the market – you will want to live by the golden rule that each and every one of your customers is valuable, which is why you will want to give them the best unboxing experience that they can share with the world and you get new customers onboard.

Here are some of the most fun unboxing experiences that will surely delight your customers and boost your customer retention rate.

Use Handwritten Notes

No matter how far we have come in the digital world, nothing beats a beautifully handwritten note. So, let’s start with a cheap yet highly effective way to boost your customer’s unboxing experience.

By seeing the handwritten note upon unboxing, your customer will instantly feel connected to your brand on a much deeper personal level. So, you will want to address the customer by their name. Also, don’t feel shy to add cards and stickers to the box, as it will add to the surprise element of unboxing.

If you are preparing your products to ship, you will want to use shrink wrapping to give your customer the ultimate unwrapping experience. Customers love unboxing and sharing the experience with their family and friends, which is why you will want to focus on this aspect of the selling journey more.

Include a Company Bio

You can build a personal relationship with the customers by including a company bio that includes brief yet important details about the person or the team who made the product and helped the idea come to life. The content of the bio should reflect the brand’s personality and the product type.

You could also leverage the moment to add a small note explaining the inspiration behind the product. You can also exclusively tailor the bio to sync with the customer preferences.

Add Coupons to the Box

This is a great way to retain customers and have them come back for more purchases. Inside the box, you can include discount coupons that the buyer can use for their next purchase. Creating custom coupons isn’t difficult, as you need to get the right software to effectively manage different promotional campaigns and regularly refresh the coupon codes.

You can create coupons for various aspects, including offering free shipping, product bundle deals, and percentage discounts.

Ask Customers to Share their Unboxing Experience

Another way to retain customers and bring more customers on board is by encouraging your existing customers to share their unboxing experience on social media. In other words, you can leverage user-generated content through different methods:

  • Incentives
  • Discounts
  • Including customer posts in your official channel

As a starting point, you can also create your own unboxing and unwrapping content. You can also create product demonstrations and show your potential prospects how they can use your products to render the utmost benefits.

The Takeaway

It doesn’t matter what you are selling; you can use the unboxing experience to tell your brand story, drive customer loyalty, and let customers know the people behind the brand.

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