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BBQs 2U – Kamado Joe’s Exclusive Features and Accessories Are a Standout!

The Kamado Joe stands as proof of innovation and versatility in the realm of ceramic grills.

Packed with a plethora of features and complemented by a range of accessories, KJ grills have garnered acclamation among barbecue lovers.

If you plan to level up, choose the variety of experience packs available at the elite authorized dealership – BBQs 2U in the UK.

  • Elements pack
  • Discovery pack
  • Explorer pack
  • Adventurer pack
  • Quest pack
  • Voyager pack

The Konnected Joe Explorer Pack available on BBQs 2U is at a reasonable discount.

You get accessorized with the feature-rich and discounted ceramic cooker with Kamado Joe Big Block Charcoal, Cover, Fire Starters, Cast Iron Griddle, Grate, Pizza Stone, Soapstone, and Laser Cut Stainless Steel Grate.

Heat-efficient construction

The KJ grill is crafted from high-quality ceramic, and the manufacturers boast about its excellent heat retention properties, allowing for efficient and even cooking.

The ceramic material is sturdy and imparts a unique flavor to the food, enhancing the overall grilling experience.

The KJ’s solid construction is complemented by a weather-resistant Kontrol Tower Top Vent, enabling precise temperature control for various cooking styles.

Versatile & flexible

The versatility of the Kamado Joe Classic is highlighted more by its Divide & Conquer Flexi Cooking System.

  • This innovative design features a half-rack multi-level setup that allows users to cook different foods at varying temperatures simultaneously.
  • The flexibility provided by this system allows searing steaks at high heat or slow-cook tender ribs at a lower temperature.

The possibilities are endless, so is a great option for multitasking!

Monitoring & control

Temperature control is crucial to successful grilling, which Kamado Joe excels.

  • The grill is equipped with the Kontrol Tower Top Vent, a user-friendly mechanism that allows for precise adjustments to airflow, resulting in accurate temperature regulation.
  • Whether you aim for a high-temperature sear or a low and slow smoke, the grill provides the control needed to achieve optimal results.
  • The top vent’s design also minimizes the risk of rain or debris interfering with the outdoor cooking process.

Enhanced heat distribution and smoke circulation

For smoking technique, the inclusion of the patented SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber facilitates improved smoke circulation and heat distribution. It ensures that the flavors evenly infuse inside the food.

Whether you are smoking brisket, ribs, or poultry, the SloRoller contributes to a consistent and flavorful outcome.

Easy access & convenience

The Air Lift Hinge mechanism assists in lifting the heavy ceramic lid effortlessly, providing easy access to the cooking chamber without excessive force.

The convenience of the Air Lift Hinge is particularly appreciated when adding charcoal, adjusting cooking grates, or simply checking on the progress of your culinary creations.

Improved functionality

A range of accessories is available to expand the KJ grill functionality, allowing you to tailor your grilling experience. The grill can have

  • A cast iron grate for enhanced searing capabilities
  • A pizza stone for crafting artisanal pizzas with a delightful wood-fired flavor
  • A rotisserie kit transforms the Kamado Joe grill into a versatile rotisserie oven for tender and evenly cooked meat.

Extra features

The grill includes –

  • The easy-to-read, ergonomic control dials, providing a hassle-free way to adjust and monitor temperatures.
  • The built-in thermometer ensures accurate temperature readings, allowing users to closely monitor the cooking process without needing additional gadgets.

In Conclusion

The Kamado Joe BBQs are versatile ceramic grills equipped with advanced cooking system rich in features and range of accessories.

It’s not merely a grill – it’s a culinary companion that empowers outdoor cooks to explore new dimensions in flavor and technique.

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